Monday, January 5, 2015

Ford Natal

Hi everybody! Looong time no see!

I'm still alive. Been working on a huge project for the last 7 months. Hope to share with you all soon. For now, here's a super quick and beautiful project I participated with my partner Jean Marcel for Santa Transmedia Production
I modeled and UVed the assets of this shot.  Hope you enjoy! 

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Agency: Blue Hive
Creative Director: Vico Benevides
Agency Producer: Luana Aghata

Production Company: Santa Transmedia
Director: Gustavo Gripe
Animation Director: Thiago Steka
Art Director: Eric Pautz
Producers: Marcos Berghahn, Felipe Machado and Michael Bengtsson
Technical Director: Marcelo Bort
Concept Art: Eric Pautz, andré Juventil, Marco Furtado, Filipe Capra and Diego Amorin
Character Modeling: Victor Hugo and Rouhollah Toghyani
Enviroment Modeling: Jose Linares, Maurício Sampaio, Alex Liki, Lincoln Horita, Moran Tennenbaum, Rayza Alvarez, Jean Marcel, Ramon Lima, Felipe Bassi, Alexandre Assumpsão and Mica Cruz
Textures: Rouhollah Toghyani, Victor Hugo, Damien Peinoit, Roberto Maki, Flavio Mac, Alex Liki, Gustavo Groppo, Marek Denko, Peter Sanitra and Mauricio Sampaio
Shader: Marek Denko, Flavio Mac, Damien Peinoit, Peter Sanitra, Gustavo Groppo, Lukáš Hajka and Mica Cruz
Rigging: William Walker and Gustavo Encinas
Characters Animation: Olov Burman and Paul Claessens (Meindbender)
Extra animation: Derek Henriques, Ricardo Drehmer and Gustavo Encinas
Assets: Moran Tennenbaum, Tiago Oliveira, Douglas Sampaio, Viviane Adade, Rafael Chies, Lucas Kazakevicius, Lucas Fernandes and Guilherme Papa
Scene Setup: Ricardo Drehmer, Gustavo Encinas, Alex Martins, Tiago Medeiros and Alexandre Link
VFX: Tsetso Milanov, Agustin Schilling and Guilherme Krolow.
Hair: Yasin Hasanian, Ricardo Drehmer, Gustavo Encinas and Rodrigo Augusto
Composition: Mauricio Oliveira, Guilherme Haupenthal and Eric Pautz
Color Grading: Aline Sinquin – The Mill NY
Music and Sound Design: Ant Food